What I see in the wiki here are many spam articles that hasn't been cleared - I know, there are some normal articles that are written properly, but I would say those movies can be introduced much better in seperate wikis, if too many articles are put in a same wiki while the wiki is abandoned, it would be a disaster of Wikia, especially to the readers.

User:Transfo is the incumbant admin here, but the user has left this wiki for over two years, so the wiki can't recover from vandalism because, as mentioned above, no one of admin rights maintains this wiki. I am not a VSTF, and I don't have time to clear up those spam, not because that I don't care of this wiki, but some random IPs or users keep adding fan-fiction, undo clean-ups, or even bring their "masterpiece" to other wikis, which is beyond my ability. So, I would say it's about time to end this drama.

I strongly suggest that somebody who cares this place should adopt this wiki, do something, or I will regard this as a legit hint to adopt this wiki. If you have any questions, please comment below.

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