Seeing that there are many articles are poorly made, I sent an adoption request in Community Central. The main purpose of this adoption is meant to clear up all articles that are marked as candidates of deletion, but no one else can do it because all admins aren't inactive. If you know more about the films, please feel free to contact me and we can share rights once the staff approves my request.

I also need to explain the current case of User:Bcjslheo/User:RandomPowerpuff is Randomarioness/User:Demonic Mario 2000 and I. In this wiki, there are some articles made by some IPs about Annoying Orange, but if anyone search Wikipedia, these articles can be proven to be fan-made, and as the councilor User:RRabbit42 suggested, "fan fiction about a 'YouTube Poop' being posted on multiple wikis and has nothing to do with Illumination Entertainment." Recently, I keep marking these articles as candidates for deletion, but Bcjslheo keeps reverting my edits (for more details you can look up Annoying Orange Wiki about his fanon). Bcjslheo, I guess you may want to maintain this wiki, but I have left a message discussing about this issue and you don't answer by the time I write this, plus you keep making such similar things in other wikis or even got blocked for profanity. Hope we can stop this edit war, because what I'm trying to do now is to follow the rules of Wikia.

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