Night of the following day ver2

The Night of the Following Day is a 1968 film starring Marlon Brando and Richard Boone. Filmed in France, around Le Touquet it tells the story of a kidnapped heiress being held hostage in a remote beachhouse on the coast of France.


The film starts with Dupont's daughter (Franklin) on an airplane and a stewardess, Vi (Moreno) bending over her. As she leaves, we see a chauffeur, Bud (Brando), saying something to Dupont's daughter which we do not hear. He puts her in the back of a Rolls-Royce and drives off. They stop at a junction and Leer (Boone) gets in. The girl realises she has been kidnapped. Bud starts to have second thoughts. He tries to protect the girl when Leer gets out of control. Bud also has to deal with the lack of courage with the head of the operation and Vi, who uses drugs and cannot be trusted.

Then things start to unravel. Leer kills all his partners in crime on their return with the ransom, the car catching fire. Bud, perhaps anticipating this betrayal, gets out early. Hiding on the beach, he is able to exact revenge and shoots Leer as he signals to a ship waiting to take him from the country.

All is revealed to be a dream during the girl's flight, sparked by Vi, the air hostess. But then the girl meets Bud in the airport just as in the dream...


  • Marlon Brando - Bud the chauffeur
  • Richard Boone - Leer
  • Rita Moreno - Vi the stewardess/accomplice
  • Pamela Franklin - Dupont's daughter
  • Jess Hahn - Wally, the dim sidekick
  • Gerard Buhr - Gendarme/fisherman
  • Jacques Marin - Cafe owner
  • Huques Wanner - Dupont
  • Al Lettieri - Pilot

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