Pharoah Rameses II is the main antagonist from The Prince of Egypt. He was a tortured soul who still loved his brother, but was driven mad by the psychological grip of his overbearing father, who wanted him to start taking Pharaoh responsibilities seriously at a young age, calling him "the weak link in the chain", "irresponsible", and "ignorant of the traditions".

Role in film

The Prince of Egypt

When Rameses first appeared, he was but a small infant when his mother discovered a baby boy, who was delivered upon the Nile River, set there by his mother Yocheved, who hoped he would live. Tuya was pleased to see that the baby boy was in the basket, and she took him to Pharaoh to raise, and for Rameses to meet as his new baby brother, giving the baby the name, Moses. The Pharaoh agreed to raise the infant, and Rameses presumably shared a happy childhood with Moses, accepting him as his own brother.


  • Rameses is traditionally believed to be the Pharaoh from the Book of Exodus.

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