Munsters Move Munster Go Home 1966

Munster, Go Home! is a 1966 American film based on the hit 1960s family television sitcom The Munsters. It was directed by Earl Bellamy, who also directed a number of episodes in the series. The film was produced immediately after the television series completed filming for its original run, and included the original cast with the exception of Marilyn, who was played by Debbie Watson.

This film offered audiences an opportunity to see the Munsters in Technicolor rather than the black-and-white format of the television series, but was not a commercial success upon its original theatrical release. It was produced and released at least partly in order to introduce the characters and concept to foreign audiences, seeing as how it came in advance of international syndication for the film's source material (the television series 70-episodes). The film also featured the DRAG-U-LA custom dragster designed by George Barris.

Although most of the film is set in "Shroudshire, England" the automobile racing scenes were shot at the Universal Studios Ranch in Agoura, California.

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