Kevin Hart What Now

Kevin Hart: What Now? is a 2016 American stand-up comedy concert film starring comedian Kevin Hart, based on his 2015 stand-up tour of the same name. The film was released in the United States on October 14, 2016, received generally positive reviews and has grossed $23 million.


The film features two main parts, a spy story and a comedy performance. The film cuts back and forth between the two. In the film's spy sub-plot, set before the events of the performance, Kevin is an agent for MI6 (Agent 0054) and attends a poker game event with his date Money Berry (Halle Berry) only for it to go horribly wrong. As a result, he must deliver a stand-up comedy show, which leads to the performance.

In the performance portion, Kevin Hart performs at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia, providing a humorous insight into parenting, people on the edge, current events and his hardship's in everyday life.


  • Kevin Hart as Agent 0054 (himself)
  • Halle Berry as Money Berry
  • Don Cheadle as FBI Agent
  • David Meunier as Victor the Russian criminal mastermind
  • Ed Helms as a Bartender
  • Peter Mensah as a African Dictator
  • Joey Wells as a Ladies' man

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