Jurasic park log flume ride

Jurrasic Park at Universal Studios Hollywood

Jurassic Park: The Ride is a water ride created with Steven Spielberg 's help at every Universal Studios. The Hollywood version completed it's refurbishment just before Memorial Day weekend. It features several animatronic dinosaurs and a 84-foot drop. The ride is manifactured by Vekoma


You first start off at the Jurassic Park gates. Then you will go on to a raft, and hear a narration by Richard Kiley. You will then enter the gates and go into Ultrasaur Lagoon. The Ultrasaurs (Brachiosaurus) are at least 4-stories high and will spray water at you through the blowholes at the top of their heads. The raft will then go through a waterfall, and when you come out you will enter Stegosaur Springs. A baby Stegosaurus will poke it's head at the visitors and the mom will watch. The narration goes on and you are about to enter Hadrosaur Cove. Then a Parasaurolophus knocks the boat off course and a Psittacosaurus watches you go into the Raptor Containment Area. You will hear a Tyrannosaurus roar and plummet a car into the water. You then go into a big building and some Velociraptors try to attack you and a Dilophosaur spits water at you, and right when you are about to go on the drop, the T-Rex comes out and you fall just in time. Then you are back at the entrance, and you can go to a gift shop with JP merchandise.

Dinosaurs (In Order of Appearance)